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Can I Profit from an Insurance Claim?

No. Insurance companies created a system of checks and balances to make sure that you don’t. Besides the fact that it is against the law for you and your contractor, you will also need your contractor to write a phony final invoice that is different from their initial bid. Some people will see their insurance company is estimating $18,000 for repairs and feel by getting multiple quotes they will be able to pocket the difference. In reality, the insurance company requires that a final invoice be submitted in order to release any money initially withheld. If that final invoice is $15,500 instead of the approved estimate for $18,000, they will release a final payment equal to that final invoice. By finding a contractor who has a lower quote, you will be saving the insurance company $2,500. Also, in order to complete repairs at a lower cost, you may be hiring a contractor who uses substandard products or poor labor quality. The use of Xactimate estimating software lets you focus on choosing the contractor you feel most comfortable with, not the one who has the lowest pricing.

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