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Residential & Commercial Restoration Services in the Greater Chicago Area

Restoration Services

SMART Restoration Services provides various water removal services including water mitigation, sewage clean up, structure drying, contents inventory and cleaning, electronic restoration, and even offers emergency services like emergency storm repair and emergency board up and tarps.

Restoration Services FAQs

What if my insurance carrier does not approve my claim?

If you actually have damage and your insurance carrier does not approve your claim, there are several options. Negotiations can be a long process, but if your home is damaged, we can help.

How long does the process take from start to finish?

It depends. The longest part of the process is rarely the actual restoration; the insurance approval process takes the longest. Once we have your insurance company’s approval, it can take as few as five days from start to finish, though it really depends on the scope of damage.

What if I have a painter (or other contractor) that I really like? Can I have him do the work?

No problem – we appreciate loyalty. Just let us know who the contractor is, and once we confirm they are properly licensed, we will gladly get them on the job!

What do I do if my insurance company sends me a check made out to my mortgage company?

Having your mortgage company on the check is very normal.

Who do I call to check the status of my project?

With SMART restoration you will have a project manager assigned to your claim that will be your contact through the entire process.  From the time the claim is filed until the all the work is complete, your project manager can answer any questions you may have.

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