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Smart Restoration Services – Be Prepared For Storms And Floods

There are plenty of great articles on what to do AFTER a flood, hurricane, or other disaster; however, there are also a few things that you can do BEFORE to be prepared in the event of an emergency.

  • Consider installing a generator in the event of a power outage.
  • Make a list of all possessions and include photos. Put on a thumb drive in a waterproof safe and also mail a copy to an out of state family member.
  • If a storm is predicted in your area, stock up on essential items, nonperishable goods, pet supplies and prescriptions.
  • If necessary, have a portable heating or cooling source like battery-operated fans (and plenty of batteries) and/or propane heaters or firewood for a wood-burning fireplace.


The experts at Smart Restoration Services can address any disaster-recovery issues.  We handle all phases of restoration, remediation and reconstruction. Contact us at 847.577.2900 or contactus@smartrestorationservices.com.


SMART Restoration Services Can Help With Weather-Related Damages

With the recent extreme weather conditions in the northeast, we are reminded that heavy snow, rain, and hail can cause weather-related damages to homes and businesses. SMART Restoration Services can help you weather the storm!

Does this sound familiar? ”Since it doesn’t look like I’ve lost any roof shingles, I must not have any storm damage.”

Missing shingles are usually related to wind damage claims (hurricanes, tropical storms, etc.), and are NOT an absolute indicator of roof damage. A roof may be substantially damaged by a storm, even though the actual shingles appear to still be in place after the storm. Furthermore, the damage may not cause leaking until well after the storm. Therefore, it is crucial to have a qualified restoration and remediation expert examine your roof after a storm to fully evaluate the damage to your property and assist you in filing an insurance claim. Even if damage to your roof may not seem severe at the moment, if left un-repaired, it may eventually lead to additional leaks and problems down the road – which could end up costing substantially more to repair.

SMART Restoration Services, Inc. provides recovery services that handle all phases of restoration, remediation and reconstruction. The damage from an unexpected storm can be paralyzing. Smart Restoration Services can help. Smart Restoration Services provides water removal service, fire damage restoration, storm damage and mold remediation for both commercial and residential customers. Contact us today at 847.577.2900 or contactus@smartgroupchicago.com if you suspect storm damage.


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