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Mold Remediation

The first step in remediating a mold problem is stopping the source of moisture.  Properly identifying and terminating the source of moisture is critical in preventing the return of this nasty fungus.  The SMART team of professionals are trained to identify the problem, implement a solution and remediate the mold to restore the area to its original condition.


If large amounts of mold spores need to be removed, it is best to seal off the area to prevent spores from spreading to other areas of the building.  To seal off the area, heavy plastic sheets and duct tape are used to cover doorways, vents and any other openings.

Negative air pressure

Negative air pressure may also be used to control the spread of spores during cleaning.  To achieve this, an exhaust fan is installed in a window or door to blow air outside of the house.  Any mold spores that are disturbed during cleaning should end up outside.


Prior to disturbing any mold, it is best to moisten any dry growth to reduce the chances of it becoming airborne.  Several solutions may be used depending on the surface material where mold is present.


To prevent mold from returning, you must make sure that the conditions for mold growth are no longer present.  Eliminating the source of moisture, ensuring the area is free from moisture and killing all spores present will prevent the mold from coming back..

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